Operation Polyarnaya Zvezda

Leningrad Front northwestern front

The operation Polarstern (Russian Операция Полярная звезда ) was a military company of the Red Army against the German Wehrmacht from February 10 to April 1, 1943 in the north of Russia.

Starting position

After the Soviet troops in the Second Battle of Lake Ladoga (Russian: Operation Iskra ) had fought free to Leningrad and thus the Leningrad blockade partially blown up a narrow corridor south of Lake Ladoga, the blockade should be permanently discontinued.

The main thrust should continue to take place in the south, south of Lake Ilmen: the German troops still held Demyansk pocket to be conquered, the encircled troops there and all German forces cut off in the north.

Course and consequences

In the south succeeded the north western front to capture the Demjansker boiler, but the German troops from the boiler could retreat ( to March 2, 1943). The main objective is to break through the German front, and cut off the German forces in the north was not achieved. The vacated by the evacuation of the Demjansker bottleneck German divisions could be moved to the front near Leningrad and strengthen the defense there.

In the north, it was not possible Soviet troops ( Volkhov Front and Leningrad Front ) to extend the connecting corridor to Leningrad and conquer Mga. In the Third Ladoga battle this should the Soviets unsuccessfully try again in the summer of 1943. They succeeded only in the Leningrad - Novgorod operation (January to March 1944).