Opernhaus (Nuremberg U-Bahn)

Metro Station Opera House (abbreviation: OP) is the 29th Metro Station Nuremberg subway and opened on 24 September 1988. He will, U21 and U3 serviced by lines U2 and is 753.5 meters from Plaerrer Metro Station and 533 meters from Central Station Metro Station. At the railway station towards Röthenbach followed by a double track change. Today's opera house was built in 1905 on the base of the old Municipal Hospital as a new city theater. In 1930 it was renamed the Opera House and since 2003 Bavarian State Theater.


The station is located in the district of Nuremberg Tafelhof and extends below the ground in west-east direction under the Frauentorgraben between Weidenkeller Street and Richard -Wagner-Platz. Of the two heads platform ramps lead into a distribution of levels and from there into the moat and into the Weidenkeller street and the Richard -Wagner-Platz. A third output is in the middle of the train station and spanned by a bridge, the northern platform track and the moat and leads to Kartäusertor and Frauentorgraben. It includes each a lift from the platform to transition and the transition to Kartäusertor.

Near the station are the main office of the Employment Agency, the Germanic National Museum, Nuremberg State Theatre, the Way of Human Rights and the Transport Museum.

Building and Architecture

The station building is 219 m long, 15 m wide and 10 m deep ( one and a half times the down position). Construction of the station began on 10 March 1986, were carried out in an open design with Berlin wall. In the course of construction in the 1960s for the widening of the road " Frauentorgraben " filled-in moat was excavated from Färbertor to Frauentor again.

Architecturally, the station is affected by the Opera House and the city walls and is carried out for a better overview stützenlos. An framed by the artist Hans Karl Busch grating separates the platform area from the city ditch. Affixed on the lattice balls that rotate in the wind of incoming and outgoing trains, symbolize the Behaim globe. The nine openings of the northern platform wall to the moat towards relieving arches are modeled on the wall of the grave and covered with sandstones. The platform wall to the opera house is also clad with sandstone and broken by niches in which are cast-iron replicas of the Opera House Silhouette by Theo Kief attached. The building roof is designed as a ton and cross vaults and covered with coarse-pored concrete and sandstone.