6813 ( March 31, 2013 )

Oppdal is the geographically largest commune (municipality ) of the Province of Central Norway Sør -Trøndelag.

It lies at the foot of the mountain Dovre. Culturally the residents Oppdals see fewer Sør-Trøndelag belongs; rather traditionally have close links with the neighboring communities Folldal in the county of Hedmark and Oppland Dovre in the province.

The main economic activities are ski tourism and agriculture. With more than 45,000 sheep Oppdal has the largest number of sheep in Norway. The ski areas include, among others 82 km cross country skiing trails.

Much of the district is above the tree line, and the climate is extremely harsh even by Norwegian standards. Thus, because of the cold here also no snakes to be found. The valleys are covered with pine and birch. There are several lakes. Especially picturesque is the Gjevilvatnet.

A total of 1161 km ² of the community are a long-time Almende the farmers of the region, which guarantees fishing and hunting rights.

Oppdal is the birthplace of jazz bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten.