Optical disc drive#Loading mechanisms

A slot-loading drive is an optical drive ( CD, DVD, Blu -ray) with a special loading mechanism in which the media is not as conventionally in a drawer (english tray ) are placed, which then travels into the interior of the drive, but easily into a slot ( input tray ) are inserted, which then pulls into the interior.

There are slot-in drives both as a simple read drives, as well as a burner. Greatest weakness was long time that slot-loading drives only normal were able to move large volumes (diameter 12 cm ) and no smaller discs, but this problem has been fixed in later drives.

Even before slot-in drives used in computers, it gave them in CD players, for example, for cars.

For computers from Apple, in particular from the iMac series 1999 slot-in drives since the introduction of the iMac DV employed, with a " Superdrive " a combined DVD -R ( W) / CD -RW drive in slot-in execution called. Apple years used previously in slot- like disk drives that had no eject button, but the casting a floppy under its own power. Only when his computers in tower casings Apple continues normal optical drives with a drawer.

Conventional drives with tray

Car radio with a slot-in drive

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