Optimal Energy Joule

Optimal Energy is an association founded in 2004, automobile manufacturers with its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.


Since its founding, the company dealt with the development of its electric vehicle, which will be suitable according to your own specifications for everyday life. Keith Helfet, a former Jaguar designer eventually became head of the design department. Another requirement of the company is to develop tax-efficient vehicles in order to offer customers an alternative to higher fuel prices and expensive internal combustion engine - powered vehicles.

Financial support was given the company by the South African Department of Science & Technology (DST ) through the Innovation Fund and private investors. U.S. $ 5,000,000 could be applied for the project.

In April 2012, decided investors to close the company.

Optimal Energy Joule

The first model of the brand, the Optimal Energy Joule was, on several South African automotive shows and the Mondial de l'Automobile and the Salon International de l' Auto & Accessories Genève introduced to the world in 2008. The design places very close to the Fiat Grande Punto and can accommodate up to five people. The vehicle was named after the bodies set up by James Prescott Joule SI unit joule ( J). Series production of the Joule has started in spring 2010. So there is already a small test fleet for the local market. International sales will not begin until 2014. Suitable for the European Union units will come later to the market. 85% of production will later be exported once. Two battery sizes are planned; with 24 kilowatts and 36 kilowatts capacity. The current units have a maximum range of about 300 kilometers. The top speed of the Joule is limited to 130 km / h.