Option Musique

Option Musique is a French-language radio program of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation Radio Télévision Suisse. First broadcast was in 1994.


Option Musique is a format radio, the predominantly French-speaking light entertainment music from the last forty years sends ( since about 1970 to the present ). The core of the repertoire consists of well-known titles that run in a generous rotation, as well as English and French " classic", next to Italian pop. But it will be played and promoted young Swiss artist. On the hour, there is news.

Every day off in 2012 about 201,000 listeners the program, corresponding to a market share of 8.2 % in the French-speaking Switzerland.


Option Musique is broadcast in Geneva in western Switzerland on FM, DAB and cables. The station can also be heard via satellite and via the internet. Furthermore, there are podcasts of individual shipments.

Until the shutdown of the national radio station Sottens on December 5, 2010, the program could be received at night until early in the morning on 765 kHz medium wave into large parts of Central Europe.