Oquirrh Mountains


The Oquirrh Mountains of Northeast, below the Great Salt Lake

The Oquirrh Mountains are a mountain range in the U.S. state of Utah, which separates the Salt Lake Valley about 50 km from westerly Tooeletal. The Mountains ends on the north shore of the Great Salt Lake. The highest point is 3,237 meters high, Flat Top Mountain ( Lage40.37245 - 112.189113237 ). The name Oquirrh ( pronounced O -Ker ) means in the language of Goshute Indians forested mountain.

In the mountains of gold, silver, lead, and especially copper were mined. Seen from Salt Lake City is particularly striking the deposited material of copper open pit.

In the winter months the mountains are inhabited by a small population of bald eagles.


The Oquirrh Mountains has, at that time formed the Appalachian Mountains as a continuous mountain range, about 300 million years. After the formation of the supercontinent Pangaea was completed and it broke again, wandered the that forms North American Continent million years ago 95 over the Bermuda hotspot, this raised the area around present-day Mississippi lowlands within 10 million years around 2000 m to 3000 m high. Erosion wore the bulge off during the course of the next 70 million years after the continent has migrated over the plume of time, the area fell to the same contribution as he was raised before. The now flooded Mississippi lowlands separating the Oquirrh from the Appalachian Mountains.