Oral Ak Zhol Airport

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The Oral Ak Zhol Airport ( Kazakh: Ақ жол " Светлый путь ") (IATA: URA, ICAO: uarr ) is an international airport, which lies in the area of ​​West Kazakhstan Kazakh town Oral operated. The airport is about 12 km from the city center and has an international and a national terminal.

Airlines & Destinations

A total of five cities are served by airlines SCAT and Bek Air from here. The objectives shall include in Kazakhstan capital Astana, Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau; among the international destinations are Amsterdam and (seasonal) and Dusseldorf Antalya.

After the start and runway of the airport in 2012 were classified as uncertain, the national airline Air Astana and Russian Transaero has set their Verbindingungen to Uralsk.


On April 15, 2006 had a Boeing 747 of British Airways on the way from Sydney via Bangkok to London emergency landing with 354 passengers and 18 crew members after a fire alarm on board in oral, but no one was injured.

On August 28, 2009 had a Boeing 737 of the Kyrgyz airline Itek Air, on the road from Bishkek to Moscow, make an emergency landing due to problems with the oil pressure in the left engine. The 118 passengers and 7 crew members were unharmed.