Oramel H. Simpson

Oramel Hinckley Simpson ( born March 20, 1870 in Washington, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, † November 17, 1932 in New Orleans, Louisiana ) was an American politician and 1926-1928 Governor of the State of Louisiana.

Early years and political rise

Oramel Simpson attended until 1890, the Centenary College. He then studied at Tulane University law. After his 1893 was admitted as a lawyer, he worked 1893-1899 in this occupation in New Orleans. In 1899, he was employed for a short time at the U.S. Mint in New Orleans. Between 1900 and 1924 he was employed as a secretary in the administration of the Senate of Louisiana. Even at a convention to revise the state constitution in 1921 acted as secretary Simpson. Simpson was a member of the Democratic Party and was elected as its candidate in 1924 for lieutenant governor of his state.

Governor of Louisiana

After the death of Governor Henry L. Fuqua on October 11, 1926 Simpson fell to the Office of the Governor in accordance with the state constitution. He had to finish the opened his predecessor's term. In his reign Simpson opposed the planned Fuqua construction of a toll bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. Instead, he advocated the construction of a toll-free bridge. However, he could not prevail, and the bridge was built as originally planned. After all, he could set up a free ferry service as an alternative. Even Simpson put the begun by his predecessors struggle continues against the Ku Klux Klan.

In 1927, the state was hit by a major flood of the Mississippi River. To relieve some dikes had to be opened in order to avoid even more damage. After the flood, the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas formed a joint commission for future flood protection. The Commission also requested federal funds to assist in the construction of appropriate protective measures. The citizens hardest hit by the disaster received state support for the reconstruction of their destroyed property. In 1928, Simpson sought to his re-election. But he had not the slightest chance to compete against the mighty Huey Pierce Long within his party. Therefore Simpson resigned from his post on 21 May 1928.

Further CV

After the end of his term as Governor Simpson was temporarily working for the Louisiana Tax Commission. He died in November 1932 in New Orleans. Oramel Simpson was married to Louise Ernestine Pichet.