Orange Austria

The Orange Austria Telecommunication GmbH, formerly ONE GmbH Connect Austria, and before that, was the third largest mobile operator in Austria, in whose network phoned more than 2.1 million customers. On 22 September 2008, from ONE orange. Since July 1, 2013 Orange was in Austria a brand of Hutchison Three Austria GmbH, on 18 August 2013, the brand has been removed entirely from Austria.


ONE launched on 26 October 1998 as the first mobile phone company in the frequency range DCS 1800 To apply, the paper of the newspaper was The Standard -. At this national holiday in the self- sale bags on the street - light colored blue instead of pink. 2004, the Company acquired additional spectrum in the 900 MHz band that are used together with EDGE.

From Orange Austria following services were in addition to mobile voice and text messages last offered:

  • GSM
  • GPRS
  • EDGE - GSM 900 cells (as of February 2010: 400 transmitter, which means 400-500 more to follow )
  • UMTS
  • HSPA
  • Landline and internet connections for large customers


The network coverage is by his own admission, 98.6 % (GSM population coverage ) and around 70 % for UMTS.

Since August 2009, Wiener Neustadt, the Austrian test site of Orange for new technologies that allow better quality, faster data transfers, and new offers. When testing the renowned German telecom magazine Connect the Orange network (Connect test 12/ 09) received the overall rating of " very good".

Mid-March 2010 Orange implemented in Wiener Neustadt, together with Ericsson, the first mobile operator in Austria and one of the first in Europe to 42 Mbit / s in its HSPA network. By mid 2012, the company plans to expand its 3G network and also renew the majority of the existing infrastructure.

Retailers and brands

YESSS! was a 100 % subsidiary of Orange. With the sale of Orange to Hutchison 3G Austria was simultaneously YESSS! sold to A1 Telekom Austria. In addition, Orange has been involved with 25.1% in eety Telecommunications GmbH.

Telephone number

The country code for Orange Austria itself is 0699, unless a number with the prefix of another provider is entrained by number portability.

Subscriber numbers in Orange Austria to follow the structure of numbers 0699 -x - abcdefg. It is awarded Orange Austria internally x 1 ( line 1 ), 2 ( line 2 ), 3 ( voice box ), 4 ( fax) and 5 ( data), all of which are associated with the connection abcdefg. 8 virtual network operator ( YESSS! ( 069 981 ) and Tele2 ( 069 988 ) ) was used - the virtual operators now have their own primaries, but existing numbers will remain valid. Thus, there are phone numbers after 0699 also to virtual network operators always 8 digits, which is uncommon in other Austrian mobile networks.

Telephony tariffs

After the rates of ONE as 4zu0 or the Small and Large Master, Orange launched in September 2008 with the " Hello Europe " rates, international calls included for the first time in Austria in the domestic telephony. This was followed by other rates such as " Half the basic fee 'and' half, half". In February 2010, Orange brought the "Team 2010" tariffs and simultaneously launched the initiative " Orange helps " in which free minutes that are unexpended at the end of the accounting period, for donation to charitable projects.

Mobile Broadband

With the HUI - rates the company (as ONE) offered in the spring of 2007 for the first time in Austria a mobile broadband access to fixed prices. End of 2009, 44 percent of the Austrian broadband connections are mobile. 7 out of 10 new applications are made for the mobile Internet. In addition to the mobile internet tariffs 3 GB and 15 GB mobile Internet Orange offers in this area and the Mobile Internet value card. Orange has at the end of 2009, approximately 250,000 mobile broadband customers. In addition to mobile data Sticks Orange offers in this area also mini netbook and netbook combination packages.

Ownership structure

Orange Austria is since 3 January 2013 in the possession of

  • 3 ( Hutchison 3G Austria GmbH)

Existing ownership structure of Orange: Orange Austria was in possession of since October 2, 2007

  • Orange ( France Telecom ): 35 % ( France)
  • Mid Europa Partners: 65 %

Previous ownership structure of ONE:

  • E.ON: 50.10% ( Germany )
  • Telenor: 17.45% (Norway )
  • Orange ( France Telecom ): 17.45% (France)
  • TDC A / S: 15% ( Denmark)

Takeovers and change of name

On 20 June 2007, announced in press releases that ONE is taken over by the French, France Télécom and the British investor Mid Europa. The France Telecom will initially hold 35% of ONE and continue to increase their share. This is accompanied by a candidate goes to Freemove Alliance. In addition, management has been re- occupied. The European Commission has approved the acquisition.

The associated with the change of ownership change from one brand to orange was preceded by a one-year internal and external rebranding. In this context, " the more we are now " was visualized on posters with the slogan, like the word mark one by means of the insertion of "ra" and "g" literally goes up in Austria on 22 September 2008 at the internationally famous orange.

On December 21, 2011, 3 announced its intention to take over Orange for 1.4 billion euros. To comply with the antitrust guidelines to the brand Yesss! be issued for 380 million euros at A1 Telekom Austria.

On February 3, 2012, the purchase was finally officially confirmed. In the purchase agreement, the enterprise value of Orange Austria is taxed at around 1.3 billion euros. A1 Telekom Austria takes over the discount brand Yesss!, The rights to the former brand "One" as well as some frequencies and transmitter locations and pays a total of 390 million euros, while the remaining 900 million of the purchase price will be borne by H3G Austria.

Corporate Structure

The manager of the Orange Austria are:

  • January Trionow (CEO - Chief Executive Officer )
  • Rudolf Schrefl (CCO - Chief Commercial Officer )
  • Sabine Hogl (CFO - Chief Financial Officer )
  • Matthias Balder man (CTO - Chief Technical Officer )

The manager of the Orange Austria before the takeover by Three were:

  • Michael Krammer (CEO - Chief Executive Officer )
  • Sabine Bauer (CSO - Chief Sales Officer )
  • Peter Nebenführ ( CMO - Chief Marketing Officer )
  • Christian Fuchs (CFO - Chief Financial Officer )
  • Elmar Grasser (CTO - Chief Technical Officer )

The Managing Director before taking over were:

  • Jørgen Bang -Jensen (Chief Executive Officer )

He has held this position since the founding of ONE and is the longest serving manager in the Austrian mobile communications market.

  • Holger Püchert ( Chief Financial Officer )
  • Michael Fried (Chief Commercial Officer )
  • Peter Pedersen ( Chief Technical Officer )

Market share

Since the launch of the Orange Austria Austria -wide network on 26 October 1998 Orange Austria has until today its market share according to information provided to approximately 2.19 million customers ( corresponding to a percentage market share of about 20 percent) expanded (as of December 2009 ).

* For the fourth quarter of 2012 the market share of Orange and was Yesss! due to the standing already in the room over by three determined separately. Together with Yesss! Orange had the end of 2012 a market share of 17.1%.