Orbe (river)

The Orbe about 500 m below the Source de l' Orbe

The Orbe (Eng. earlier Orbach ) is a 67 km long river in France and in the canton of Vaud, in western Switzerland. It joins with Orbe with the talent to Thielle (German Zihl ), which opens at Yverdon- les- Bains in Lake Neuchatel. The size of its catchment area amounts to 488 km ².


Upper Orbe

The origin of the Orbe is located at around 1150 m above sea level. M. in Les Rousses in France north of the Jura peak of La Dole, near the Swiss border. The creek reached after a few kilometers the Lac des Rousses, a lake to 1058 m above sea level. M. After this lake the Orbe flows in a wide Vallée de Joux to the northeast. She is accompanied on the left, north western side of the wooded heights of the Risoux, on the southeast side of the chain of Mont Tendre. After about 6 km, the Orbe crossed the border to Switzerland and after a further 10 km, it flows into the Lac de Joux. On the route between the two lakes, the river negotiates a gradient of only 50 m, where he has trained numerous meanders. In the Lac de Joux, the water percolates through a fracture system at the bottom of the lake and occurs only 4 kilometers north- northeast of the Source de l' Orbe back to the surface.

Source de l' Orbe

The Source de l' Orbe (Eng. source of the Orbe ) ⊙ 46.6981444444446.3454055555556 situated at an altitude of 780 m above sea level. M. on the western edge of the valley of Vallorbe. The bed of the karst spring varies between 2000 l / s at low water and 80,000 l / s at high water. 1974 lying behind this source limestone cave Grottes de l' Orbe was opened to the public by a tunnel was dug. The cave system is one of the most important natural attractions of the Jura. Here you can visit the sinter deposits and the underground flow of the Orbe. The Orbe directly from a rock wall.

Lower Orbe

Below Vallorbe there is a barrage of Orbe. This river flows from the left to the only notable tributary, the Jougnena. Then the Orbe turns east and flows in a deep valley with several waterfalls ( Gorges de l' Orbe (46 ° 43 ' 14 " N, 6 ° 24' 22" O46.7206046277786.4061313408333725 ) ) to the Swiss Mittelland. It has formed here not a typical Jura transverse valley, but the river follows a geological fault zone, which has crossed the longitudinal chains and their parts against each other.

After the Gorges de l' Orbe river surrounded in an arc to the hill on which lies the old town of Orbe, and then passes out into the alluvial Plaine de l' Orbe at the foot of the Jura. From now on the Orbe is channeled. From the confluence of Orbe and talent of the channelized river Thielle means (Eng. Zihl ). These flows northeast through the intensively managed Orbeebene and empties into Lake Neuchâtel.


  • Bief Noir (right)
  • Biblanc (right)
  • Lionne (right)
  • R. of Epoisats (right)
  • Jougnena (left)