Orbital (Band)

Orbital is a company founded in 1987 English techno duo consisting of brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll.


The name comes from the London orbital motorway M25 Motorway, also known as London Orbital, took place in the vicinity in the later 1980s and early 1990s many raves. Their early singles like Chime and Satan became the first hits in the young techno movement.

The duo combines many styles of electronic music. Their music has often been used for soundtracks, such as they wore alongside Michael Kamen parts of the score for the film Event Horizon at. The song Halcyon & On & On was in the movies Hackers - In the power of the FBI, Girls Club - Beware snappy! and Mortal Kombat used. In 2005 its title was tunnel vision, among other things in the movie Football Factory hear. Also for the PlayStation game Wipeout orbital produced an exclusive track. For the film Octane 2003 they controlled the entire soundtrack in and produced another song of XXX soundtracks.

From 2004 to 2008, the two brothers were working on separate projects. Paul Hartnoll published in 2007 his solo album The Ideal Condition, Phil Hartnoll published with Nick Smith Long Range Album Madness and Me

Since 2009 Orbital play concerts again. For April 2012, a new studio album and a tour of the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands is announced. In October 2011, was published on the website as a teaser for the new album Never the piece as a free download.




  • 2002: Work 1989-2002 (# 36 in the UK)
  • 2002: Back to Mine
  • 2005: Halcyon
  • 2009: Orbital 20

Singles and EPs