Order of British Columbia

The Order of British Columbia is a civil order of merit in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The award was introduced on 21 April 1989, is awarded civilians that are noticed by special services. The annual number of religious ceremonies is not limited. The Lieutenant Governor will automatically receive the award at the swearing and is at the same time during his tenure Chancellor of the Order.

Structure and appointment

With the Order of British Columbia, which replaced the earlier Order of the Dogwood, to be honored by British Columbia current or former long -term residents who excelled in a particular area for the benefit of the people of British Columbia by a high level of performance and success have. Excluded are persons who are currently elected or appointed member of a public body. With respect to the number of nominations, which may be made each year, there are no restrictions.

The nomination process, suitable persons to be searched with the begins with suggestions the public to the Advisory Council of the Order of British Columbia. The Advisory Board consists of the President of the Supreme Court of the Province, takes over the presidency, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, alternately one of the presidents of the two state universities, the President of the Association of Municipalities, the Vice- Minister for External Relations and two members of the Order. Once a year the Board shall meet to submit recommendations to the Lieutenant Governor. Posthumous nominations are not permitted, but a deceased person may be included if their name has been previously proposed to the Advisory Board. The Lieutenant Governor, who is an ex officio member and Chancellor of the Order of Council, announces the appointment with a known transfer, sealed with the Great Seal of the province. The new members of the Order have then the right to attach their name the abbreviation OBC.

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After admission into the Order, members receive in a ceremony at Government House in Victoria the insignia of the Order presented. The main emblem of the Order is a gold medallion in the shape of a stylized dogwood flower, the official flower of the province. The side is made of white enamel with gold edging and shows in the center the coat of arms coat of arms of British Columbia, surrounded by the Edwards crown as a symbol of the role of the Canadian monarch as a source of honor. The band consists of vertical stripes in green, white, blue and gold, representing the colors of the provincial coat of arms. Men wear appended to the Order of the collar at the end of the tape, women wear it on a loop at the left chest. For less formal occasions, members receive a lapel pin.