Order of National Hero (Jamaica)

National Hero of Jamaica (English National Hero ) is the highest award of the State of Jamaica. The winners will receive the Order of the National Hero ( Order of National Hero ) and the title of The Right Excellent.

The order is part of a five-point award system, it will be awarded only to Jamaicans for " most remarkable services " for the country. This meant merit are that have shaped today's Jamaica.

Five of the seven winners received the medal posthumously, Manley few days before his death. You a memorial in the National Hero park was established in Kingston, some are also buried there. In addition, commemorative plaques in different places, such as the Institute of Jamaica, were attached. Every third Monday in October is a day of remembrance will take place.

The award was created by the National Honours Awards to the Act of 1969, which also determined the first three carriers, Paul Bogle, George William Gordon and Marcus Garvey.

The Order itself is a fourteen -pointed gold star on a black enameled medal. Then there is the flag of Jamaica and the motto He built a city Which hath foundations. The band has the national colors of Jamaica, black, yellow and green.

Previous support

  • Paul Bogle (* btw 1815 and 1820, † 1865, posthumous )
  • Alexander Bustamante (* 1884, † 1977)
  • Marcus Garvey (* 1884, † 1940, posthumous )
  • George William Gordon ( * 1820, † 1865, posthumous )
  • Norman Washington Manley (* 1893, † 1969)
  • Called Granny Nanny as " Nanny of the Maroons " (* 1700, † 1740, posthumous )
  • Samuel Sharpe (* 1801, † 1832, posthumous )