Order of the Crown of Italy

The Order of the Crown of Italy (Italian: Ordine della Corona d' Italia ) was donated to the unification of Italy on February 20, 1868 by King Victor Emanuel II as a souvenir of Merit and was designed to reward extraordinary, of direct interest in the nation Italians like foreigners services rendered provided.

Order of classes

It was divided into five classes and the number of members was limited:

  • Grand Cross on 60 members
  • Grand Officer on 150 members
  • Commander to 500 members
  • Officer on 2000 members
  • Knight without restrictions

Order decoration

The religious character is a goldbordiertes, white enamelled cross Ruppert, by its angle entwine golden love ropes and the Iron Crown of Lombardy, which stands for the crown of Italy here, is in the heart goldbordierten sky-blue shield in plastic display. The reverse of the medallion is gold, is a crowned black eagle, with the savonisch - Italian white cross in the red oval chest plate.

Carrying method

The Grand Cross was worn on a sash from the right shoulder to the left hip and chest with a eight-pointed star. Enclosed is that of a black eagle towered Medallion of breast star of a ring with the inscription VICT. EMAN. II REX. Italiae MDCCCLXVI (Victor Emmanuel II King of Italy 1866). Great Officers carried the distinction of being neck medal to an eight -pointed star with surface-mounted religious character. Commanders decorated without breast star, Officer and Knight at the band on the left chest. On the tape of the officers a rosette is applied in addition.

The ribbon is bright cherry red with a white center stripe of 1 /4 of the bandwidth.