Order of the Red Banner of Labour

The Order of the Red Banner of Labor (Russian Орден Трудового Красного Знамени ) was a Soviet medal for achievements in work or in public service.


On 28 December 1920, the Russian SFSR called the Order of the Red Banner of Labor as a civilian counterpart to the Red Banner in life. The purely Soviet Foundation of the award took place on 7 September 1928.

The Order

The order consists of a silver badge in the shape of a gear, umläufig is the slogan "Workers of the world unite!" Imprinted. In the middle of a dam can be seen on-hook hammer and sickle emblem, including blue enamel for the water. This motif is framed by a wreath of oak leaves. Above that is a red flag with the letters CCCP, including a Red Star between two golden ears of wheat.

The order was initially worn without tape on the left chest, and later on a light blue ribbon with narrow, dark blue stripes on the sides.


  • Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev received the award at the age of 16 years
  • Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich
  • Eduard Anatoljevich Chil
  • Konstantin Chernenko
  • Yevgeny Primakov Maximowitsch
  • Isaac Ossipowitsch Dunajewski
  • Irina Rodnina Konstantinovna
  • Nikodim Rusnak
  • Ilya Aleksandrovich Musin