Order of the Star (France)

The Order of the Star ( Ordre de l' Étoile ) was a French courtly order of knighthood and was donated by King Robert II of France in honor of the Mother of God in August 1022.

The Order was shut down by Philip of Valois. This was occasioned by incessant wars of the French with the English. 1352 he was replaced by John II again. He taught the knights for a seat in the house for the Order of Saint Owen de Clichy in Saint Denis, near Paris. In 1487, he was but then repealed by King Charles VII. The prestige of the Order was dropped. But on a requirement in the suppression of the order by Charles VII the bodyguards continue to contribute to their saddle blankets a white embroidered with gold star to the revolution in 1789.

He is said to have consisted of thirty knights. Grand Master was the King of France itself

Order decoration

The religious character consisted of three golden with roses unterflochtenen and white and red enameled chains. On the chain hung a gold star.

Order clothing

The knights wore a coat of white damask and on the left side of the chest with an embroidered gold five -pointed star.