Oregon State Senate

The Senate of Oregon (Oregon State Senate ) is the upper house of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, the legislature of the U.S. state of Oregon.

The chamber of parliament is composed of 30 Senators representing an electoral district in each case. Each of these units includes a fixed average rate of 114,000 inhabitants. The senators are elected for four -year terms; limiting the terms of office does not exist. It is chosen each half of the chamber at intervals of two years. The Oregon Supreme Court revised 2002 Act of 1992, which limited the term of office of Senators to two consecutive terms (eight years ).

The meeting room of the Senate is located together with the House of Representatives in Oregon State Capitol in Salem capital.

Tasks of the Senate

The Senate of Oregon fall As in upper houses in other states and territories, as well as in the U.S. Senate compared to the House of Representatives special tasks that go beyond the law. So it is up to the Senate, nominations of the governor in his cabinet to accept or reject other offices of the executive branch and commissions and authorities.

Structure of the chamber

Oregon is next to Arizona, Maine and Wyoming one of four states that have abolished the office of Lieutenant Governor. This office acts in most upper houses and the U.S. House of Representatives ( with the vice president ), as head of the respective chamber of parliament. Instead, a separate Senate President was created in Oregon's executive.

The Senate President shall be present only in voting to bring about a decision at stalemates. In the absence of it, the respective President pro tempore stands in front of the plenary sessions. This is elected by the majority party of the Senate and later confirmed by the chamber. Current Senate President Peter Courtney, the Democrat from the 11th electoral district (Salem ); President pro tempore is the Democrat Ginny Burdick from the 22 election district ( Portland ).

For the majority leader ( Majority leader) of Democrats Diane Rosenbaum from the 21st electoral district (Portland ) was chosen; Leader of the opposition (minority leader) is the Republican Ted Ferrioli from the 30th electoral district ( John Day ).

Composition of the Board