Oregon Territory

The Oregon Territory (english Oregon Territory ) was a historical region in the northwestern United States. It was created by dividing the Oregon Country between the United States and Great Britain ( and British North America, present-day Canada). This division was made in 1846 in the Oregon Treaty, which established the border on the 49th degree of north latitude.

The Fallen to the United States territory was organized on August 14, 1848 by an Act of Congress as a territory ( Territory ) i.e. first it did not have the status of a state, as it was too sparsely populated and undeveloped, and was under direct management by the federal government. The first capital of the territory was Oregon City and Salem in 1851. In terms of area covered the area in about the present U.S. states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana and Wyoming.

1853 north of the Columbia River area was located ( to the east followed the border the 46th latitude) separated and reorganized as the Washington Territory.

On 14 February 1859, the state of newly formed Oregon was removed from the territory and included in its current boundaries in the Union. The remaining areas of the Oregon Territory were affiliated with the Washington Territory

In 1861 and 1863, the eastern parts of Washington Territory were affiliated with the Nebraska Territory and Idaho Territory.

Oregon Territory (blue) with Washington Territory (green) 1853

The state of newly formed Oregon ( blue) with Washington Territory (green) 1859