ORF 2 Europe

ORF 2 Europe, usually abbreviated as ORF 2E, is the satellite in Europe free to air version of ORF 2, the second television program of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, however, is not licensed by the Austrian regulator RTR media as a standalone program.

The transmitter

Since the ORF for foreign productions only acquires the broadcasting rights for Austria, one ORF and ORF 2 are broadcast only encrypted via satellite. The hardware required to decode is available only within Austria. In order to still make it possible for those interested abroad to receive ORF own productions, those on ORF 2 Europe are sent unencrypted since 5 July 2004. The distribution of television programs of the ORF is via satellite since its launch in January 1998 exclusively digitally.


From 6.00 to about 0.30 clock all ORF - house productions and copyright safe shipments of ORF 2 are broadcast in parallel. As a regional program can be seen at 19.00 clock Vienna today. The time newscast in the picture at 19.30 clock is in contrast to the Austrians reserved broadcasts also presented in sign language.

During a mission without pan-European rights, the Home of the ORF -2 -Europe teletext can be seen. Parallel to this is to hear OE1 during said period of Austrian culture radio stations. In the future, wants to close the gaps with the right program free content, as already happened in similar form from 1997 to 2000 in what was then abroad program satellite ORF ORF. Since 1 January 2006, Austrian advertising may be used unencrypted in Europe. Therefore, it can be seen during the commercial breaks no teletext board.

Legal basis

The public mission to the ORF to broadcast ORF 2 Europe is set since the Broadcasting reform in 2010 in the newly introduced section 4d of the Federal Act on the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ( ORF Act ) under the heading " broadcast a television program for the European audience ." There it is defined that the program to be broadcast " mainly consists of informational, educational and cultural programs as well as quality entertainment and is suited to represent Austria in Europe." For legal reasons resulting gaps can be closed with reps from other television programs of the ORF, the "Information about Austria include or reflect the Austrian culture, language, history or the Austrian social life " are, however, not explicitly with first-run or advertising. To date, the ORF, however, makes no use of this right.


As Corner Logo always acts the current logo Corner of the ORF - 2 main transmitter itself, while the program preview the logo of ORF 2 is also even taken. The widespread ORF 2 Europe logo with a white attached E on a blue background is unofficial nature and is rejected by the ORF.

Logo of ORF 2 2005-2012

Logo of ORF 2 since 2012

Corner Logo of ORF2 2000-2005

Corner Logo of ORF2 2005-2012

Corner Logo of ORF 2 since 2012