The abbreviation ORG or referred org:

  • Supreme Restitution Court, former international court Herford / Munich
  • Oberstufenrealgymnasium, type of school in Austria
  • Open Rights Group, non-governmental organization for digital and civil rights
  • . org top-level domain for non-profit organizations
  • . org, file extension from Lotus Organizer
  • Organ in cast lists for jazz music Electronic Organ
  • Organisation Gehlen, news service of the American occupation authorities in 1946
  • Oxford Research Group, non-governmental organization for a more sustainable concept of security
  • Zorg en Hoop Airport in Surinam after the IATA code

Org is the name of:

  • Luci van Org ( * 1971 ), German presenter, actress, writer, singer and bassist
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