Organized incorporated territories of the United States

As a historical territories on the floor of the United States, those areas are designated by the United States throughout its history through land purchase ( Louisiana Purchase, Florida Purchase, Alaska Purchase, Gadsden Purchase ), war ( against Mexico) or in a partition treaty ( Oregon compromise ) were recovered and are now among individual states.

The territories were added gradually in the form of individual states in the Union. The boundaries of the territories do not always coincide with the later formed from them states. Frequently boundary corrections have been made. Also often include the states that bear the name of a former territory, only a part of the original (Example Oregon Territory and the State of Oregon ).

List of territories


  • During the American Civil War, there were ( at least nominally ) announced that the Southern states associated Arizona Territory (1861-1865 ), the Arizona and New Mexico, along an east - west line (instead of the present-day north-south line).
  • Of the current 50 U.S. states were formerly part of a 31 or more territories. The following countries were never part of a territory: the Thirteen Colonies, Kentucky and West Virginia ( both had split off from Virginia), Maine ( elimination of Massachusetts ), California (formed as a state from the territories ceded by Mexico), Vermont and Texas (both had formed as independent republics, and were later joined the Union ).