Organizing for America

Organizing for America ( OFA ) is the successor organization to Obama for America, the campaign organization for Barack Obama from the year 2008.

OFA is headed by the Democratic National Committee and its task is general support for Obama's goals through local organization and opinion formation. Sometimes, as in the reform of health insurance, 13 million OFA members are also called to support specific policy objectives. The scope and the technological means of this organization greatly exceed all previous such efforts, eg the organization Democracy for America, a former Democratic U.S. presidential candidate, Dr. Howard Dean.

Barack Obama has, as described on 17 January 2009, the task of the OFA in a video message that was sent to supporters and reporters: "As president, I will need the help of all Americans in tackling the challenges ahead is why I call people like you. on which you fought her for the change during the campaign to continue the struggle for a radical change in your communities. "