Orhan Kemal

Orhan Kemal, Mehmet actually Raşit Öğütçü ( born September 15, 1914 in Ceyhan, Adana Province, † June 2, 1970 in Sofia ) was a Turkish writer.


Kemal was born in 1914 as the son of MPs Abdulkadir Kemali Öğütçü in Ceyhan. While still at school, he was forced to flee with his father for political reasons to Syria. In 1932 he returned to Adana, where he earned his living as laborers. During his military service he was again convicted for political reasons, to five years in prison. In detention in the prison of Bursa he met the writer Nazim Hikmet know, who had a strong influence on his subsequent career. After his release in 1943 he went to Istanbul in 1950, where he worked in various jobs again. Since 1951 he has worked exclusively as a writer.

Under the influence Hikmet initially published under various pseudonyms poems, prose from 1941. Since 1942, he wrote under the name Orhan Kemal. The first collection of short stories was published in 1949 under the name Ekmek Kavgası, in the same year his first novel Baba Evi. Later he also wrote screenplays and a theater piece called İspinozlar. In all his works, the lives of ordinary people and their struggle for livelihood play a central role.

For his work Kardes payi he received the 1957 Sait Faik - Literature Prize and these, 1969 önce Ekmak, for which he also received the prize of the Turkish Linguistic Society. After his death in 1970 in Bulgaria, his body was transferred to Turkey and was buried in the cemetery Zincirlikuyu in Istanbul. In the apartment in the 30 Akarsu Caddesi in the district of Cihangir in Istanbul a museum of Kemal is set up.


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His work Cemile was reissued with 110,000 copies in October 2004.