Oricon K. K. (Japaneseオリコン 株式会社, Orikon Kabushiki - gaisha ) is a company that regularly publish information on the Japanese music industry. Most likely the name is probably associated with the Japanese Oricon charts in conjunction, which will be published by Oricon in Oricon Style. The name comes from the Oricon English words "Original Confidence".

The annual charts are made up of all album sales together, which were counted between mid-December of last year and this year (at that time was a " Oricon Year " from early December until the end of November ). A " Oricon Year " has only 51 weeks as opposed to the calendar year with 52 weeks. So the last week of December and the first week of January will be merged.

Few European or American artists have managed since 1967 to No. 1 on the Japanese charts. The best-selling non-Japanese song is " Beautiful Sunday " by Daniel Boone (release date: 1976). Since 1980 there were only five other non-Japanese No.1 success in the charts recorded: " I'm in the Mood For Dancing " by The Nolans (1980 ), " Flashdance ... What a Feeling " by Irene Cara ( 1983), " to Love You More " by Celine Dion and Kryzler & Kompany (1995), " La La La Love song" by Toshinobu Kubota and Naomi Campbell and " Candle in the Wind '97 " by Elton John (1997).


1967 Original Confidence, the forerunner of Oricon Soko Koike was founded. In November of the same year the company began tentatively to create single sales charts and on January 4, 1968 officially launched the first Japanese "Hit Parade", called "Original Confidence". In 1992, the company name was changed to " Oricon " and seven years later Oricon split into separate subsidiaries.

Oricon Charts



  • Enka Weekly Top 20
  • Monthly Anime Top 10
  • Weekly Tracks Chart Top 30
  • Ninki weekly Top 10 single and album weekly top 10 (based on a survey on the interest and intention of buying )
  • Monthly Webverkaufs Top 20
  • Songwriters Monthly Top 20
  • Monthly Top 20 Composers
  • Producers Monthly Top 10

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  • Weekly Japanese Box Office Top 10
  • Weekly U.S. Box Office Top 10

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  • Weekly Top 50 Books General
  • Weekly magazine Top 20
  • Weekly Manga Top 50
  • Weekly Top 50 Library
  • Weekly Paperback Top 50
  • Weekly Top 50 Children's Literature
  • Weekly Hobby and leisure literature Top 50
  • Weekly Top 50 of the literature of Physics and Technology
  • Weekly Top 50 Business Literature

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