Orient Fair

Orient Fair or Levant Fair ( Hebrew: יריד המזרח; Yarid HaMizrach, German Orient - Mass) was an international trade fair in Tel Aviv, which took place in the years 1932-1936.

The show was first called Levant Fair after a series of exhibitions and trade fairs in 1932, to the Levant, which refers to the countries of the eastern Mediterranean. It was also the first show with significant international participation.

Significant architects Arieh Al- Chanani (1898-1985), Genia Awerbuch, Richard Kauffmann, Josef Neufeld and Arieh Sharon exhibition pavilions built in the style of modernity. For the exhibition medals were published that show as a motif as the poster a stylized flying camel. The medals from 1932 and 1936 were prepared by the Israeli artist for Kamea amulets Moshe Murro after the draft El- Chananis, who was also a graphic designer,. The design is still used as a logo by the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center.

In 1934 the fair was held in the period from April 26 to May 26. The poster for the exhibition in 1936 was designed by the Israeli graphic artist born in Austria Franz Kraus ( 1905-1998 ).

Polish Pavilion