Origanum amanum

The Amanus Dost (Origanum amanum ) is a species of the genus Dost (Origanum ) in the mint family ( Lamiaceae). This species forms with Origanum laevigatum the hybrid Origanum x dolichosiphon PH Davis.


The Amanus Dost is a dwarf shrub that stature heights of 7 to 10, rarely up to 20 centimeters reached. The stamens are enclosed by the corolla tube. The stamens are up to 0.5 mm long. The cover sheets are stained 8 to 21 millimeters long and purple. The crown is 15 to 40 millimeters long.

The flowering period is from July to August.


The Amanus Dost occurs on limestone cliffs and rocky slopes at elevations from 1500 to 2300 meters in South Anatolia.


The Amanus Dost is rarely used as an ornamental plant in rock gardens.


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