Origin (Software)

Origin is an analysis and presentation program for data. Besides the representation of raw data into publishable graphics in 2D and 3D Origin mastered many common analytical methods such as fits, Fourier transforms, etc. Created graphics can be exported in many file formats, such as EPS, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PDF and WMF.


Origin 8 includes a suite of features that are geared to the needs of scientists and engineers. Workbooks with multiple data sheets, publication- quality graphics, and standardized analysis tools provide a tightly integrated workspace for importing data, create and annotate graphs, explore and analyze data. Origin provides tools for data analysis, such as advanced statistics, regression, nonlinear curve fitting, image and signal processing and peak analysis.


OriginPro is the extended version for scientists and engineers who want to do advanced numerical calculations and analyzes, statistics, 3D and Pulsfit. These are found in OriginPro a variety of complex tools integrated into the user interface.


Origin was developed by MicroCal Inc., a manufacturer of Microkalorimetern developed for evaluating the measured data and presented to the public for the first time in March 1991. Due to the success of the independent software company Microcal Software, Inc. was founded in October 1992. This moved its headquarters in May 1993 to Northampton, Massachusetts, and was renamed in August 2000 OriginLab Corporation. Later the company additives Origin and OriginPro made ​​fully available in German with manuals. In addition to the English version is also available in Japanese.

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