Original Braunvieh

The Original Braunvieh " OBV " (or Montervoner Brown Swiss ) is a breed of cattle, which is held in the Alpine region. The animals are monochrome gray to brown.

Originally, the Brown Swiss was one in Austria (Vorarlberg, Tyrol), Switzerland and Germany held race whose origin is located in Switzerland. When, after 1960, the Brown Swiss breed was crossed into the European race, one called the animals with less than 12.5 % Brown Swiss proportion as Original Braunvieh.

The Original Braunvieh was especially bred in Switzerland. In the 1980s, formed in Austria and Germany interest groups that wanted to preserve the original breed.

The cows have a weight of about 550 up to 700 kg with a height at the withers 130-140 cm, bulls a weight of 900 to 1200 kg with a height at the withers 145-155 cm.

The main difference to modern Brown Swiss type is the smaller size, the weaker milk yield and better muscling and fattening performance of Original Braunvieh.