Original Design Manufacturer

As an Original Design Manufacturer (abbreviated ODM) is a company called, which takes over for other companies contract manufacturing to a large extent. An ODM is from other companies commissioned, however, is partly self-developed manufacture products that are sold ultimately under the brand name of the client. This procedure allows a customer a ODMs brand products to offer, without the customer having to run its own factory for this product. This type of production is particularly common in international trade. Western companies they use, for example, to make their products cheaper than in their own country in Asia. Significant in the definition of the ODM is the design, as an ODM also leads the planning and construction of the parts produced. In contrast, the CM (Contract Manufacturer), which only undertakes contract manufacturing is.


An illustrative example of an ODM business is the company rBCP headquartered in Suzhou, China. The abbreviation stands for rBCP " Robert Bosch China Production". RBCP manufactures parts for the Robert Bosch GmbH, based in Gerlingen in Germany in Suzhou. Since 2003, the ABS chips from rBCP be made ​​in addition to other automotive parts among others, which were hitherto produced in Germany. Already before 2003 wheel sensors and other less complex parts from Bosch were produced abroad.

ODMs have also been established in the notebook manufacturing. To date around 90 % of notebooks produced by ODM. Known ODMs are in this area, inter alia, ECS, Quanta Computer, Compal, Clevo and Wistron. Quanta produced for example notebooks for Acer, Apple, Dell, Hewlett -Packard, as well as some models of Toshiba.