Original Me


Manian, Yanou, Natalie Horler

Original Me is the fourth studio album by the German dance project Cascada.


Original Me was released on June 17, 2011 on CD and digital download. There is also a special edition, in which a second CD is found, consisting of all the songs published internationally. It bears the name Greatest Hits. The album was produced by Manian and Yanou and released on her own label Zooland Records.

Contributors and composition

Natalie Horler himself says that this album is more pop music has strong influences than the previous albums .. All songs were written by Yanou and Manian alias Yan Pfeifer and Manuel Reuter. However, there were also several other songwriters who participated. The songs were sung by Natalie Horler. At Night Nurse was Tony T., the singer of RIO, the second project of Yanou and Manian, and brought in Evacuate the Dancefloor, Unspoken and Independence Day of German rapper Carlprit for reinforcement.


Critics of the page "My fan base " gave the album 7 of 9 points and said:

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