Original New Orleans Jazz Band

The Original New Orleans Jazz Band was one of the first jazz bands of the hot jazz that made recordings. The band, which consisted mainly of musicians from New Orleans, was initiated by Jimmy Durante in New York City, where she was popular at the end of the 1910s.

Some of the musicians initially led by cornetist Frank Christian quintet came from the band Papa Jack Laine. In the occupation of the band of the Original Dixieland Jazz band followed: The front line was of cornet, clarinet ( Achille Baquet ) and trombone ( Frank Lhotak or possibly Miff Mole ) is formed; the rhythm section formed the pianist Jimmy Durante on drums and Johnny Stone in March 1919 or possibly Deacon Loyacano.

The band was active in three recording sessions between November 1918 and March 1919 for Okeh Records label and Gennett Records. Other recordings, which were recorded for Emerson Records, were not disclosed. Durante, who in 1920 took over the management of the band, renamed it in Jimmy Durante 's Jazz band and made with her ​​other recordings. Cornet player were now Alfred " Pantsy " Laine and Harry Gluck; as a trombonist joined Jeff Loyacano one.