The Orke is approximately 38.2 kilometers long, orographic left and western tributary of the Eder in North Rhine-Westphalia Hochsauerlandkreis and in the Hessian Waldeck- Frankenberg. She is having an average water flow of approximately 4 m / s, the largest left tributary of the Eder.


The Orke rises in Westphalia Hochsauerlandkreis in the northeast part of the Rothaargebirge. Your located in the Natural Park Rothaargebirge source is located at the southwest edge of the hamlet Medebacher Kuestelberg and about 880 meters west of the 791.3 m high castle mountain summit. The steep valley in the directed initially to the southwest valley at about 645 meters above sea level. NHN preferred origin represents the northernmost point of the river

Soon the Orke that flows predominantly south-east, reinforced by the Reetsbergsiepen, the boiler Siepen and other flume from species-rich source reasons. The first 200 meters deep sunken valley has a stepped longitudinal profile and, together with the coming down at Elkeringhausen of winter mountain valleys of Light and honor Scheider Bach, a pronounced Trogtalform. The north-west, beyond the Rhine -Weser watershed, adjacent headwaters of the Ruhr, however, lies in poorer gradient wells, which cut off the valley spread out to the deep Orketal. Then the Orke flows around in a wide arc links the striking mountain group of Reetsberg ( 792.2 m), Rösberg (formerly called Eggekopf; 781 m) and age Grimme ( 754.9 m).

Below the honor Mühle and the former settlement Werndorf, a designated as a cultural monument deserted village, the Orke between the Old Grimme in the north and the High side ( 752 m) flows in Vildischen ground to the east, in the south. Between the forest and the house cold Scheid Medebacher district Medelon she leaves the Rothaargebirge and achieved one of the physiographic subunits of Ostsauerländer mountain edge, the Medebacher bay. Here culminate, after flowing from Medelon, from the north, three major tributaries: first at the upper and middle mill Gelängebach, then, below the Tumbling and Lower Mill, the coming of Medebach and Brühne, called the upper reaches also Hagemecke.

Meanwhile, quietly flowing reaches the Orke when leaving the Rothaargebirge nature reserve the North Hessian Waldeck- Frankenberg. Between the Lichtenfelser districts Munden and Dalwigksthal her flowing to the light coming from the west and from the north Schwelgersbach their biggest tributary, the Wild Aa ( Aar ). In the tortuous section of the valley from here is situated on a mountain ridge south of the river valley located the light rock castle and a few kilometers downstream in the valley Reckenberg castle. After the confluence from the north Furstenberg coming ( Lichtenfels ) Heimbach, the tree- steep, lined with beech slopes bottom will slide out again and gives the Vöhler districts low and Oberorke room.

A little further south-east flows the Orke at Ederbringhausen ( to Vöhl ) after passing under the railway line Warburg Sarnau to about 256 m altitude in the south-southwest direction coming from Eder. East of the mouth, which corresponds to the southernmost point along the river, and thus beyond the Eder are the ruins of Keseburg.

Catchment and inflows

The catchment area of ​​279.125 km ² Orke is large, of which 136.666 km ² in North Rhine -Westphalia and 142.46 km ² in Hesse. The Orke tributaries include with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length, Mündungsort with Orkeflusskilometer - if known - catchment size ( downriver considered, unless otherwise called out loud):

  • Reetsbergsiepen ( l, 1.4 km; below Kuestelberg, at km 37.5 )
  • Helle ( r; 3.7 km; below Elkeringhausen, at km 33.85; 3.891 km ²)
  • Honor Scheider Bach ( r, 2.5 km; directly above honor Mühle; at km 22.95)
  • Wood Siepen (r; approximately 1 km; below honor Mühle; at km 32.55 )
  • Old wooden (r, 1.1 km; below honor Mühle, at km 32.45 )
  • Burbecke ( l, 1.6 km, to former settlement Werndorf (KD ), at km 31.8 )
  • Röthmecke ( l, 1.0 km; below former settlement Werndorf, at km 31.15 )
  • Kalmecke (r; approximately 1 km; below former settlement Werndorf, at km 30.3 )
  • Deutmecke ( l; 1.9 km; below former settlement Werndorf; near 29.9 km, 2.544 km ²)
  • Orndestal ( l, 0,7 km; Vildischen in reason; located at km 28.4 )
  • Dill Mecke (r; 2.9 km; below forester's house cold Scheid; near 27.75 km, 3.021 km ²) The Dismal Hollow ( Gloomy hollow; l; 2.9 km, above forest house cold Scheid; close gloomy hollow - km 0.75)


Localities on and near the Orke are ( downriver considered ):

  • Kuestelberg ( Medebach )
  • Elkeringhausen ( Winterberg )
  • Medelon ( Medebach )
  • Munden ( Lichtenfels )
  • Dalwigksthal ( Lichtenfels )
  • Niederorke ( to Vöhl )
  • Oberorke ( somewhat apart or located above the river, to Vöhl )
  • Ederbringhausen ( to Vöhl )

Transport and Hiking

The upper reaches of the Orke accompanies the county road 50, which extends from the winter Berger core city by Elkeringhausen for leading towards Kuestelberg country road 740. By lying between age Grimme and High side valley portion with the Vildischen ground leads between the K 50 in Elkeringhausen and the ( North Rhine-Westphalia ) L 617 ( Hesborn - Medelon - Medebach ) at Medelon a road. From then on she is accompanied by the L 617 in and through Medelon. From the upper and middle mill Orke L 858, then, only transforms into the L 740 and beyond the border, in the ( Hessian ) L 617 ( Munden - Dalwigksthal ) follows. Between Dalwigksthal where the L 3076 ( Rhadern - Dalwigksthal - Sachsenbergstraße ) crosses, and Niederorke where the L 3084 ( Sachsenbergstraße - Niederorke - book mountain ) crosses the lower reaches is accompanied by an infrastructure. From Niederorke the K leads 85 to Mündungsort Ederbringhausen along the Orke. A few meters above the confluence with the Eder crosses under the railway line Orke Warburg Sarnau.

In Elkeringhausen at settlement Werndorf the Orke is crossed by the winter Hochtour, a hiking trail that connects the villages, mountains and valleys Winterberg. Along a river section in Medelon leads the 9.5 km long trail path Orke waters, is to learn at 13 stations with diagrams to know about the river and floodplain habitat on the.