Orkest De Volharding

The Orkest De Volharding was a Dutch chamber music ensemble, whose band drum -like cast of three trumpets, a horn, three trumpets, three saxophones and a flute like a big band at a piano and a double bass was extended. The ensemble was founded in 1972, which existed until 2010, earned itself a reputation in the interpretation of music between jazz and new music.


Louis Andriessen designed 1971/72 his composition De Volharding (Eng. " endurance "), which took up ideas of minimalism, but should have a mobilizing effect. For the performance Willem Breuker advised him on a mixed ensemble of professional jazz and classical musicians fall back. The extra- assembled ensemble, which Andriessen rehearsed his composition, and in May 1972 premiered at the Theater Carré, was willing to play other compositions, arrangements of boogie - woogie by Jimmy Yancey as well as the anthem of the Viet Cong, and would not normally perform in the concert hall, but on the type of street musicians during demonstrations, political rallies and street festivals. The orchestra worked initially without a conductor, without hierarchy and with a lot of idealism. However, the ensemble played only music composed specially for the orchestra or at least was arranged. Due to the complexity of projects and the shift of activity into the concert hall, the ensemble has worked since 1989 with conductors, first with Cess van Zeeland. With his long-time conductor Jurjen Hempel, the ensemble went on tour through Germany, France, Russia and the United States, 1995 to the German Clarinet Duo in the Netherlands.

More than three hundred works, the Orkest De Volharding total commissioned and performed mostly in living in the Netherlands composers. Due to the cancellation of grants from the Dutch fund Podium Kunsten the orchestra finished its work; on 21 February 2010, gave his last concert.

Disco Graphical Notes

  • Orkest De Volharding (works by Louis Andriessen and Huynh Minh Sieng; 1972-74 )
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (works by Martijn Padding, Maarten van Norden, Amilcar Vasques Dias, Willem van Manen, Steve Martland; Attaca, 1989)
  • Hex (works by Michael Torke, Paul Termos, Hanna Kulenty, Robert Zuidam; Attaca, 1992-1993)
  • Louis Andriessen: De Stijl ( Schoenberg Ensemble, ASKO Ensemble, R. de Leeuw ) / M is for Man, Music, Mozart ( Orkest De Volharding; Nonesuch, 1994)
  • 1972-1992: of ferry (works by Louis Andriessen, Misha Mengelberg, Amilcar Vasques Dias, Willem van Manen, Klas Torstensson, Cess van Zeeland, Guus Janssen, NM Classics, 1999)
  • The minimalists (works by Steve Reich, Louis Andriessen, Kyle Gann, David Lang, John Adams, Terry Riley, fashion, 2009)