Orna Porat

Orna Porat ( born June 6 1924 in Cologne as Irene Klein) (Hebrew: אורנה פּורת ) is a German - Israeli actress.


Irene's father was Catholic, her mother a Protestant, but she decided to live as an atheist, and was interested in socialist ideas. When she was ten years old she moved with her family to Porz, where they joined against the political convictions of their parents, the Hitler Youth. After finishing school she attended from 1940 to 1942, a drama school in Cologne and received after her first engagement at the theater in Schleswig. There was "discovered " them the books of Thomas Mann, Jakob Wassermann and Franz Werfel, who opened her eyes with regard to the Nazi dictatorship.

After the war, she met Joseph Proter ( hebraisiert: Porat ) know, one also dating Cologne soldiers of the Jewish Brigade, and married him in 1946 In 1947, the young couple emigrated to Mandate Palestine. . In 1957, Orna Porat converted to Judaism so that she and her husband were able to adopt two children.

Soon after their arrival in Palestine, Orna Porat presented the theaters in Tel Aviv, and after she had been abwiesen of the Habima and the Ohel Theater, it was adopted in the Cameri Theater in 1948. Later, she also appeared on the Habima and the Yiddish theater. In 1970, she founded at the instigation of the then Education Minister Yigal Allon, the Israeli Children's Theatre (now named in her honor: Orna Porat Theater for Children and Youth ), which she ran until 1989. Orna Porat was instrumental in the founding of the " International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People" ASSITEJ.

Her first major film role was played Porat in you are free, Dr. Korczak, a film about the life and death of Janusz Korczak. Her most famous film appearance was in Cannon Movie Tales: Sleeping Beauty, in which she plays the role of Sleeping Beauty's maid.

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