Orne (Moselle)

The river between Clouange and Rombas

The Orne is a river in France, which runs in the Lorraine region. It rises in the municipality of Orne, drained generally in an easterly direction and flows after 86 kilometers in the municipality of Richemont, as a left tributary of the Moselle. On her way she crosses the départements Meuse, Meurthe -et -Moselle and Moselle.

Places on the river

(Sequence in the flow direction )

  • Orne
  • étain
  • Confleur -en- Jarnisy
  • Labry
  • Moineville
  • Homécourt
  • Moyeuvre -Grande
  • Rosselange
  • Rombas
  • Clouange
  • Vitry -sur -Orne
  • Gandrange
  • Richemont