Orodes II of Parthia

Orod II ( called on his coins Hyrodes ) was a king of the Parthian Empire, which ruled from 38 BC to 57 BC. He along with his brother Mithridates III. the common father Phraates III. be put to death, and fought after his death with his brother for control of Parthia, he finally from 55 BC, also gained.

Orod II made ​​Armenia the Parthian vassal. His general Surenas brought the Romans in one of the most devastating defeats in Roman history when he defeated the his troops four times superior army of Crassus in the Battle of Carrhae. Orod himself led at that time just a campaign against Armenia, which had just fallen back to the Romans. As a result of the successful campaign of Orodes Armenia had to cede to the Parthian large areas in the eastern part of the country. Orod II tried to incite rebellions against Rome, and was successful in Phoenicia and Asia Minor. His son broke Pacorus 40 BC with a small army in Judea. Orodes died in the year 38 BC He was murdered by his son Phraates. From cuneiform texts his sister and wife Teleonike is known. He was succeeded by his son Phraates IV