Orpah (Hebrew ערפה ) is mentioned in the Book of Ruth wife.

Orpah was a Moabite and married an Israelite named Chilion (Ruth 1.4 EU). However Chilion died in the tenth year of marriage, so that his mother Naomi, who had also lost her husband Elimelech in Moab, decided to Bethlehem, their ancient homeland to return. Orpah as well as Naomi's second daughter, Ruth, who was also her husband, Mahlon died, she wanted to participate. But after they had hiked part of the way, Naomi asked them to turn back home and to let them alone in their home. While Ruth Naomi did not obey, but insisted to continue with it, and it finally did, Orpah remained in Moab. It is never mentioned again in the Bible.

In the Jewish literature of the Second Temple Orpah is the ancestress of Goliath who - unlike her sister Ruth - for the pagan gods decide (eg Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum LXI ).

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