Orrin Evans

Orrin Evans (born 1976 in Trenton / New Jersey) is an American jazz pianist.

Life and work

The son of a classical singer studied at the Settlement School of Music with Charles Pettaway, at Rutgers University in New Brunswick and then took private lessons with Kenny Barron.

As a sideman he worked with Bobby Watson, Ralph Peterson, Duane Eubanks, Lenora Zenzalai helmet, Sam Newsome, Ralph Bowen, Nasheet Waits, Reid Anderson, John Swana and others. He leads the Orrin Evans Trio, and since 1994 has published several albums as a bandleader. In addition, he also teaches at the Settlement School of Music and gives workshops and jazz classes.


  • The Orrin Evans Trio, 1994
  • Justin Time with Byron Landham John Swana, Tim Warfield, 1996
  • Captain Black, Ralph Bowen, Avishai Cohen, Antonio Hart, Sam Newsome, Ralph Peterson, Tim Warfield, Rodney Whitaker, 1997-98
  • Grown Folk Bizness with Ralph Bowen, Sam Newsome, Ralph Peterson, Rodney Whitaker, 1998
  • Listen to the band with Reid Anderson, Ralph Bowen, Duane Eubanks, Sam Newsome, Nasheet Waits, 1999
  • Blessed Ones with Eric Revis, Nasheet Waits, Edgar Bateman, 2001
  • Deja vu with Byron Landham, Matthew Parrish, 2001
  • Meant to Shine with Ralph Bowen, Gene Jackson, Sam Newsome, Eric Revis, 2001-02
  • Easy Now with JD Allen III, Mike Boone, Ralph Bowen, Rodney Green, Byron Landham, Eric Revis, 2004
  • Captain Black Big Band, 2011