Oruro Department

- 18.666666666667 - 67.666666666667Koordinaten: 18 ° 40 ' S, 67 ° 40 ' W

The Oruro Department is located in western Bolivia, bordering Chile. It extends in the Andean highlands of the Altiplano over 53,588 km ², is the capital Oruro.


Oruro is the traditional center of mining in Bolivia ( tin, lead and silver), which is, despite many mine closures in recent decades to be an important economic factor.


The population of the department of Oruro has risen in the last fifty years more than doubled:


The Oruro Department is divided into 16 provinces (after the name of the province followed, the population at the time of the 2001 census ):

Biggest Towns

Provincial capital of and largest city is Oruro, other important cities are Huanuni, Challapata and Caracollo.


Overall result in the department of Oruro in the regional elections from April 4, 2010: