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The airport Itami (Japanese大阪 国际 空港, Osaka kokusai Kuko, " Osaka International Airport "; engl Osaka International Airport. ) Is a Japanese commercial airport in the Kinki region of Japan. It lies partly in the cities of Osaka Prefecture Ikeda and Toyonaka and for the most part in the city of Itami, Hyōgo Prefecture. He serves the metropolitan area with the largest city Osaka Kansai and almost exclusively other national goals. The airport Itami applies after the Japanese legislation despite mostly " only " national destinations as first class airport.

The airport is located completely within built-up area, which is why there are always discussions about adjusting the flight operations in favor of the airport Kansai. However, he is popular with the passengers because it much closer to the city center of Osaka is further away than the distant Kansai airport.

In the region there are two other airports for international flights while the Kansai airport is mainly responsible since 2006 for national flights, the airport Kobe competition. The " Conference on the renewal of the administration" has proposed a merger in order to save costs, and the government in Tokyo has announced a decision on the Itami Airport in 2010. While Tōru Hashimoto, Governor of Osaka, a closure support in order to strengthen the Kansai airport wish to receive the Itami Airport toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo, and the Prefecture Parliament Hyōgo.

Osaka Itami control tower and terminal