The abbreviation OSC stands for:

  • On -scene coordinator for rescue operations
  • Olympic Sports Club, Sports Club shortcuts
  • Former Order abbreviation for: Ordo Clericorum Regularium Ministrantium Infirmis, Order of Kamillaner, current abbreviation is MI
  • Oblates of Charles and St. Ambrose ( Congregation Oblatorum Sanctorum Ambrosii et Caroli ) OSC also OSSCA
  • Order of the Holy Cross ( ordo sanctae crucis ) founded in 1211 by Theodore of Celles
  • Open Sound Control in Multimedia
  • Open Source Center, American News Service
  • osCommerce, an Open Source online shop e-commerce project
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation, a U.S. company
  • Oxygen storage capacity ( catalytic converter, emission ) (oxygen storage amount, oxygen storage capacity, Oxygen storage capability )
  • OsnabrückCommunity
  • Original Sculpture by an artist modeled original sculpture, unique piece
  • Optical Supervisory Channel, a communications channel for communication between two optical WDM node
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