Oscar Bronner

Oscar Bronner (born 14 January 1943 in Haifa, Palestine) is the founder of the Austrian news magazine trend and profile as well as editor of the likewise he founded the Austrian daily Der Standard.

Life and work

Youth and Journalism

Oscar Bronner was born in 1943 in Haifa, the first son of the later cabaret artist Gerhard Bronner, who after the Anschluss escaped alone to Palestine in 1938 as a teenager, since his parents and brother were interned.

In 1948 Oscar Bronner with his father returning by ship and train to Vienna. Even as a child he learned Helmut Qualtinger know, who worked with his father and occasionally stayed at Oscars children in the apartment at the Passauerplatz in the old town.

Oscar Bronner worked as a gaffer and assistant in his father's theater, as a volunteer of the Arbeiter-Zeitung and the tabloid Express. He frequented the Café Hawes, where he became acquainted with Karl Schwarzenberg and Kurt Moldovan. The Bronner journalistic studied topics in case Novak included ( Eichmann's dispatcher of death ) and Nazi judges who made ​​careers in Austria after 1945. Short time operation Oscar Bronner an advertising agency.

Media founder and painter

In 1970, Bronner, the business magazine trend and the news magazine profil. The courier who hereupon even founded a business magazine and Bronner, as he recalls, his team hiring away, changed ... the strategy. I got an offer I could not refuse. The publisher sold in 1974 both magazines and moved to New York, where he lived as a painter (several exhibitions in the United States and Europe). He associated there among others, with the ex- Viennese Frederic Morton and Serge Sabarsky.

The default Publisher and Editor

In 1986 he returned to Vienna and founded in 1988 (now defunct ) financial participation of Axel Springer AG, printed on salmon pink paper daily newspaper Der Standard, whose editor and publisher he is. His intention in founding a new newspaper in the saturated se newspaper market in Austria was a quality newspaper like the New York Times, the Süddeutsche Zeitung - she was recently involved in the standard and was bought out in 2008 by Bronner - or introduce the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Up to achieving this ambitious, long-term goal Oscar Bronner but also an oriented on local competition claim is enough: "I want the reader to the reader for the decisions that he or she meets, has more qualified information than without my activity would be the case. I did not claim. "

Oscar Bronner is a regular participant in the Bilderberg Conference.

In December 2008, he refused to accept a license issued by industry magazine The Austrian journalist award for his life's work, since the same award was also awarded to the crown columnist Michael Jeannée. " Since this gentleman operates a form of journalism which is contrary to my life's work diametrically, it may well act with my freestyle just a mistake ," said his reasoning.

Oscar Bronner 's since 1988 with the psychotherapist and specialist in neurology, Andrea Bronner, is married and has three children. His eldest son, from a previous relationship, Alexander Mitteräcker who is employed as a member of the board in the Bronner Online AG. Daughter Laura completed an internship at profile and studied at Oxford political science.