Oscar K. Allen

Oscar Kelley Allen ( born August 8, 1882 in Winnfield, Winn Parish, Louisiana; † January 28, 1936 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana ) was an American politician (Democratic Party) and 1932-1936 Governor of the State of Louisiana.

Early years and political rise

Oscar Allen visited the Springfield Normal and Business College in Missouri and then the Trinity University in San Antonio. After leaving school, he was a teacher for some time. After that he worked among others in agriculture, on the railroad and in the oil business. From 1916 to 1920 he was employed in the administration of Winn Parish. Between 1924 and 1927 he was employed in the same district at the Police Administration (Police jury clerk ). After that, he was from 1927 to 1931 Member of the Senate of Louisiana. He was a supporter of Huey Pierce Long, who then led the Democratic Party in Louisiana. In the Senate, he was a leader of the Democratic deputies and 1928-1930 Chairman of the Highway Committee ( Highway Commission ) until a court ruled that this office was incompatible with his work as a state senator.

Governor of Louisiana

With the help of Huey Long Oscar Allen was elected as a candidate of his party on 19 April 1932, new governor of his state. Long himself had in the meantime become a U.S. Senator. Allen took up his new post on 16 May 1932. As Governor, he was the long arm of Long, who still retained control of the state government in this way. In Allen's tenure, the effects of the global economic crisis were gradually overcome. The development of road was promoted and improved the public school system. The Louisiana State University and the state hospitals were modernized.


In September 1935, Allen's mentor Huey Long was assassinated. His party nominated him then to Long's successor in the U.S. Senate. There he was to finish the term of up to the midterm elections. Even before he could take his seat in Washington, he suffered on January 28, 1936 a fatal stroke. The Senate mandate then went first to the widow of the late Senator Rose McConnell Long, and after the next election to Allen J. Ellender. The Office of the Governor fell to the new Lieutenant-Governor James A. Noe. The real Deputy Governor John B. Fournet had resigned after his election to the Supreme Court of Louisiana, whereupon Noe as President of the Senate of Louisiana new lieutenant governor, and after Allen's death, his successor. Oscar Allen was married to Florence Scott, with whom he had three children.