Osdorp is a district of the Municipality of Amsterdam Nieuw- West in the municipality of Amsterdam, North Holland province, and had 45 627 inhabitants ( end of 2006) on an area of 11.30 km ². The village of Sloten ( with 646 inhabitants as of. January 2010) and Oud Osdorp belong to the district. The original name of Osdorp was Oostdorp, also called Okesdorp.


The area A inaccessible bog and marsh has been mentioned with the current name Osdorp for the first time 1000-1100. Was later, about the year 1100, was made ​​habitable and founded Osdorp. 1529 the establishment was sold to Amsterdam and from 1816 Osdorp was a part of the town of Sloten. In 1850, the village of 45 homes with 260 residents. A neighborhood of Amsterdam Osdorp 1921 ( Erika Swierstra, Bicycles door Landelijk Osdorp ).

The construction of the Westelijke Tuinsteden ( Western Garden Cities ) began in 1951 and Osdorp was now called to differentiate the Osdorp Tuinstad (Garden City Osdorp ) Oud Osdorp. It was here that in 1960 the family Tuincentrum Osdorp with a small supply of houseplants. Now the company has 40,000 items on offer.

On December 1, 1981 Osdorp was one of the first autonomous municipalities of Amsterdam, together with Amsterdam North and is today a district of Amsterdam Nieuw -West. In the 1990s, the district would spread at the district De Aker. After the village of Plan "Rich Ting Parkstad 2015" are since the year 2001, many of the old houses demolished and replaced by new buildings, whereby the historical core of the Municipality is lost well.

Residential area in the district of Osdorp

Osdorp is divided into 4 Neighborhood: Tuinstad Osdorp De Aker, Sloten, Oud Osdorp which in turn consist of over 20 residential neighborhoods. As of February 2009.

Residential area of ​​district 1: " Bergenbuurt; De Akerwegen; Merenbuurt; Valutabuurt; Eilandenbuurt; Verzetstrijdersbuurt; De Punt; Vrijheidstrijdersbuurt; Osdorperbovenpolder; Bedrijvencentrum Osdorp; Long Water; Lutkemeerpolder ".

Residential area of ​​district 2, " J. Reimerswaalbuurt; L. sea en Oever; K. Wildemanbuurt; Sportpark Ookmeer; M. Torenwijck; Osdorperbinnenpolder; N. Blomwijckerbuurt ".

Residential area of ​​district 3: " Borrendammebuurt; Oud- Sloten; Jan van Zutphenbuurt; Stadspark ".

Residential area of ​​district 4 " Centrum Nieuw West; Hegeraatbuurt; Calandbuurt; Montessoribuurt; Journalistenbuurt ".

Became known Osdorp by Osdorp Posse, the hip-hop group. She was the first music group using the designation Nederhop used and is widely recognized as a forerunner of the Dutch hip-hop. Founded in 1989, the rap group in 1995 her big break on the Dutch Pinkpop and Lowlands pop festival.