OSI (Band)

OSI is a progressive rock group that has claimed the now-defunct propaganda department of the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Strategic Influence (OSI ), named.

Band History

The two founding members of OSI are Jim Matheos ( Fates Warning ) and Kevin Moore ( Chroma Key, ex - Dream Theater ). Both play keyboards, but Matheos ' main instrument is the electric guitar. All songs (except "Shutdown" from the debut and " Old War " by Free) are original compositions, with Kevin Moore contributes the lyrics. Guest musicians are on the first disc ( Office of Strategic Influence) drummer Mike Portnoy (ex - Dream Theater, Transatlantic ), Sean Malone bassist ( Gordian Knot ) and the Porcupine Tree founder Steven Wilson, singer and composer of the piece "Shutdown " to hear.

The second album Free, which was released in April 2006, acting alongside Mike Portnoy bassist Joey Vera ( Fates Warning ) and Bige Akdeniz with the " Old War " and also wrote the guitar and singing takes on this song.

Both albums were released as a Special Edition. The Special Edition of Office of Strategic Influence is a second CD that contains, among other things, the Pink Floyd cover " Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun". In addition, the CD does not come in a jewel case, but in a sophisticated design digibook. The Special Edition of Free contains an "extended booklet ," a slipcase and a bonus CD.

For each a piece on the album Blood had Tim Bowness ( No-Man ) and Mikael Åkerfeldt ( Opeth ) with.

The third album Blood and the fourth album Fire Make Thunder Created by more Gavin Harrison ( Porcupine Tree ), which even in these albums Matheos and Moore separated their parts composed in their respective home studios and recordings for later with Harrison in the studio to mix recorded drums.


The songs are arranged complex and varied. In addition to stylistic features of progressive metal and progressive rock influences from industrial rock and electronica are available.


  • Office of Strategic Influence ( 2003)
  • Free ( 2006)
  • Re: Free ( EP, 2006)
  • Blood ( 2009)
  • Fire Make Thunder ( 2012)