Oskar Enkvist

Oskar Adolfovich Enkwist (Russian Оскар Адольфович Энквист, alternatively Adolfovich Oskar Enquist; Oskar Wilhelm Enqvist; * 28 Oktoberjul / November 9 1849greg, .. .. † 3.jul / March 16 1912greg in Kronstadt) was a Russian admiral and commander of the cruiser division in the Battle of Tsushima.

Curriculum vitae

Enkwist occurred in 1866 in the Russian Navy. At the Naval Academy, he met Nikolai Ivanovich Nebogatow. On May 17, 1871, he was promoted to midshipman. From 1871 to 1884 Enkwist served in the Baltic Fleet. On March 30, 1874, he was promoted to lieutenant. From 15 June 1884 to 24 October 1887, he served as an officer on the gunboat Siwutsch ( " Сивуч " ) in the Far East. On April 13, 1886, he was appointed Captain 2nd rank. As of April 9, 1888, he served on the cruiser Pamjat Asowa ( " Память Азова " ), with whom he participated in the Far East travel by Tsar Nicholas II 1890/91. Of 27 May 1891 to 21 September 1893, he served as commander of the gunboat Bóbr ( " Бобр "). On December 6, 1894, he was promoted to Captain 1st rank. Subsequently, he served from 1895 until June 7, 1899 as commander on the training ship Gerzog Edinburgski ( " Герцог Эдинбургский "). From 1896 to 1900 Enkwist was commander of different training units. On December 6, 1901, he was promoted to Rear Admiral. On September 9, 1902, he was appointed mayor of Mykolaiv and commander of the local naval base. On April 26, 1904 he was appointed with the support of his cousin Fedor Karlovich Awelan commander of the cruiser division of the 2nd Pacific squadron. During the Battle of Tsushima, he continued his flag to the cruiser Oleg. As was evident that the battle was lost, Enkwist withdrew with the remnants of the cruiser division ( Oleg, Aurora and Schemtschug ) to Manila. There Enkwists squadron was interned by the Americans; after the war, the vessels were allowed to return to Russia. In November 1907 Enkwist was discharged from the fleet with the rank of Vice Admiral.

Oskar Enkwist died 1912 in Kronstadt and is also buried there.


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