Öskemen ( Kazakh Өскемен; Russian Усть-Каменогорск/Ust-Kamenogorsk ) is a city in the east of Kazakhstan and the capital of the East Kazakhstan region ( Schyghys Qasaqstan oblysy ).

Geographical location

The city is located in the western part of the Altai Mountains at the mouth of the river Ulba in the Irtysh at the shut-off of Buchtarma Reservoir. It is located about 100 km south of the Russian border, and 280 km west of the border with China.


Öskemen has 300 342 inhabitants ( 2010).


The city was founded in 1720 as a Russian military and post office that developed during the Soviet Union as a center of mining and metallurgy. It was called until 1993, Ust- Kamenogorsk, which means in Russian as much as Steinberg at the mouth. The current name is a Öskemen Kasachisierung that name. In Öskemen was the POW camp 45, Ust- Kamenogorsk, for German prisoners of war of World War II.


Top sights in the Russian Orthodox St. Andrew's cathedral is in the city center. Northeast of the center is the Zinoviev Church. Also in the center of Öskemen is the new mosque was built in 2003.


Through the city's European route 40 runs in eleven kilometers is the Öskemen airport. The city is located at the end of Turksibabzweigung hinge Ust-Kamenogorsk and is the starting point for further railway routes to Schemonaicha, by Ridder and after Syrjanowsk.


In Öskemen especially the metal industry has settled. As early as 1947 a metallurgical plant was opened in the city. The establishment of Ust- Kamenogorsk Titanium - Magnesium Combine took place in 1965. Another major employer in Öskemen the company Kazzinc.


The football club plays in the Vostok Kazakh Football League. After a scandal involving a " supposititious " game against Shakhtar Karaganda they were excluded for the 2008 season.

The Hockey team Kaszink Torpedo takes next to the Kazakh championship game on operation of Wysschaja League, the second highest Russian league, in part.


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Sons and daughters of the town

Öskemen is the birthplace of hockey player and prominent personalities.