Oslo Spektrum

Spectrum Flyers (Elite Series, 1994-1996)

The Oslo Spektrum is an indoor arena in Oslo, Norway.


The Oslo Spektrum was opened after three years of construction in June 1991. 1992, a pedestrian bridge was built as a connection between the Oslo Spektrum and the then newly-built Hotel Oslo Plaza. In the spectrum of regular concerts of famous artists such as A- ha, Britney Spears and Rihanna are held. The hall was, among others, the venue for the Euro Vision Song Contest 1996, and various final shows of the Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian preliminary decision for the ESC. In the spectrum also provide regular concerts held as part of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, the Oslo Spektrum for various congresses and trade fairs is used.

From 1994 to 1996 it was the home ground of the professional ice hockey team Flyers range from the Elite series, however, the spectrum proved to be too big and too expensive for the club, which was subsequently relocated to Bergen.