OSM stands for:

  • OSM ( mines ), Russian military Spring mines
  • Mosul Airport in Iraq ( IATA code )
  • Upper Freshwater Molasse, a sediment type
  • Omnibus sacramentis morientium (Latin for " with all the last rites "), see Anointing of the Sick
  • Oncostatin- M, a protein
  • On site management, a form of outsourcing
  • OpenStreetMap, an open- source project with the goal of creating free tickets for the entire globe
  • Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, the Symphony Orchestra of the Canadian city of Montreal
  • Ordo servorum Mariae, see Servite ( Catholic order )
  • Orthopedic shoemakers Master, see Orthopädieschuhmacher
  • Osmolarity is a measure of the osmotic pressure
  • Off Screen Model, A hierarchical, tree -like model of elements of a GUI, for example, for a screen reader
  • A large Norwegian shipping company
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